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Convenient way to log messages at a desired severity level.




An object of class list of length 7.


The log object is a list of logging functions, in order of decreasing severity:

  1. fatal

  2. error

  3. warn

  4. success

  5. info

  6. debug

  7. trace

Rhino configures logging based on settings read from the config.yml file in the root of your project:

  1. rhino_log_level: The minimum severity of messages to be logged.

  2. rhino_log_file: The file to save logs to. If NA, standard error stream will be used.

The default config.yml file uses !expr Sys.getenv() so that log level and file can also be configured by setting the RHINO_LOG_LEVEL and RHINO_LOG_FILE environment variables.

The functions re-exported by the log object are aliases for {logger} functions. You can also import the package and use it directly to utilize its full capabilities.


if (FALSE) {

  # Messages can be formatted using glue syntax.
  name <- "Rhino"
  log$warn("Hello {name}!")
  log$info("{1:3} + {1:3} = {2 * (1:3)}")