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To further streamline your development process, a collection of Addins has been designed to integrate with RStudio. These Addins provide convenient shortcuts and tools for common tasks.

These Addins enhance the RStudio development workflow by providing quick access to essential tasks and enabling background execution, allowing for better transitions between coding and task management.

This guide shows Addins available for Rhino.


RStudio Addins provide a mechanism for executing R functions interactively from within the RStudio IDE either through keyboard shortcuts, or through the Addins menu.

Available Addins

Create a new Rhino Module

Jump start your module development by creating a new R script document with a Rhino module template. This Addin sets the foundation for your module structure, letting you dive straight into coding.

Format R Code

Uses the styler package to automatically format R script. This Addin ensures consistency and readability.

Lint R Code

Uses the lintr package to check all R sources for style errors. Identify and address potential issues in your R scripts with ease.

Run R Tests

Uses the {testhat} package to run all unit tests in tests/testthat directory. Maintain your functions and components reliability.

Build JavaScript

Simplify the process of building JavaScript files using Babel and Webpack. Builds the app/js/index.js file into app/static/js/app.min.js. Choose to watch for changes, automating the build process whenever you save the JavaScript file.

Build Sass Styles

Effortlessly build Sass styles using Dart Sass or the sass R package. It builds the app/styles/main.scss file into app/static/css/app.min.css. Opt to watch for changes, allowing for automatic rebuilding of style sheets.

Lint JavaScript

Runs ESLint on the JavaScript sources in the app/js directory. It performs linting on JavaScript files with ease. Opt to fix issues automatically for fixing it directly.

Lint Sass Styles

Runs Stylelint on the Sass sources in the app/styles directory. Choose to automatically fix issues to streamline the process of linting Sass styles.

Run End-to-End Tests

Execute Cypress end-to-end tests for your application. Choose between interactive and non-interactive modes to validate application behavior.