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If you have Node.js available on your machine, you can write end-to-end tests using Cypress and run them with rhino::test_e2e() without any additional setup. If you’d prefer to use the shinytest2 package instead, you will need to:

  1. Run rhino::pkg_install(c("shinytest2", "shinyvalidate")).
  2. Create a test with shinytest2::record_test() or shinytest2::use_shinytest2_test() as usual.
  3. Optionally you can remove the following files created by shinytest2, which are unnecessary in Rhino:
    1. Runner (tests/testthat.R), used in R packages and executed by R CMD check.
    2. Setup (tests/testthat/setup-shinytest2.R), used in traditional Shiny applications with global.R and sources in the R directory.

The tests created by shinytest2 are treated as any other testthat tests and can be run with rhino::test_r().