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This document contains guidelines specific to Rhino. Appsilon’s general contributing guidelines still apply.

Contributing to Rhino

Pull requests to Rhino are welcome!

Tool Command devtools equivalent Comment
Unit tests testthat::test_local() devtools::test()
Linter lintr::lint_package() devtools::lint()
pkgdown site pkgdown::build_site() devtools::build_site() If built successfully, the website will be in docs directory. Requires pkgdown version >= 2.0.0.

Development Process

  1. All changes are introduced in pull requests to the main branch, which must be always kept in a “potentially shippable” state.
  2. Pull requests must be peer-reviewed. The reviewer inspects the code, tests the changes and checks them against the DoD before approving.
  3. We follow the Semantic Versioning scheme. Starting with 1.0.0, all versions should be released to CRAN.

Definition of Done

  1. The PR has at least 1 approval and 0 change requests.
  2. The CI passes (R CMD check, linter, unit tests).
  3. The change is thoroughly documented.