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Dashboard skeleton

dashboard_body() dashboardBody()
Create a body of a dashboard.
dashboard_header() dashboardHeader()
Create a header of a dashboard.
dashboard_page() dashboardPage()
Create a dashboard.
dashboard_sidebar() dashboardSidebar()
Create a sidebar of a dashboard.
Create a column.
Create a box.
dropdown_menu() dropdownMenu()
Create a dropdown menu.
dropdown_menu_output() dropdownMenuOutput()
Create a dropdown menu output.
render_dropdown_menu() renderDropdownMenu()
Create a dropdown menu output.

Other UI elements

All functions that generate UI elements.

Create Semantic UI icon tag (alias for icon for compatibility with shinydashboard)
value_box() valueBox() infoBox()
Create a valueBox.
value_box_output() valueBoxOutput() infoBoxOutput()
Create a value box output.
menu_item() menuItem() menuSubItem()
Create a menu item.
menu_item_output() menuItemOutput()
Create a menu item output.
message_item() messageItem()
Create a message item.
notification_item() notificationItem()
Create a notification item.
render_value_box() renderValueBox() renderInfoBox()
Create a value box output.
render_menu() renderMenu()
Create a menu output.
render_dropdown_menu() renderDropdownMenu()
Create a dropdown menu output.
sidebar_menu() sidebarMenu()
Create a sidebar menu.
sidebar_menu_output() sidebarMenuOutput()
Create a sidebar menu output.
sidebar_user_panel() sidebarUserPanel()
Create a user panel
tab_box() tabBox()
Create a tab box.
tab_item() tabItem()
Create a tab
tab_items() tabItems()
Create a panel with tabs.
task_item() taskItem()
Create a task item.


They contain the supported values of certain inputs.

Semantic light colors
Semantic colors


update_tab_items() updateTabItems()
Change the selected tab on the client