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Have you read the Appsilon Contributing Guidelines?


This project uses pre-commit hooks. The hooks are a series of automated checks run locally. These automate mundane tasks such as running spellchecking, linter, and other potential issues before you even push your changes!

Getting Started

To get started you need to install the pre-commit tool. Additionally, lintr, pkgdown, and testthat packages have to be installed either globally or within renv (if your project uses it). To install pre-commit, pick a method that suits you the best:

Once you have installed pre-commit, run pre-commit install to set up the hooks.

Modifying Package Dependencies

If package dependencies are being changed, then the list of additional_dependencies for roxygenize hook has to be updated. The list can be generated using a helper function from precommit package: precommit::snippet_generate("additional-deps-roxygenize").

Known Issues

  • If you use MacOS and have installed R via homebrew, then chances are that pre-commit will fail to setup an environment. A workaround is installing R by other means, e.g. by using rig.
  • lintr might report false positive warnings about object_usage_linter. This can be fixed by install the package with your contributions prior to running the linter.