This creates an icon tag using Semantic UI styles.

icon(class = "", ...)



A name of an icon. Look at for all possibilities.


Other arguments to be added as attributes of the tag (e.g. style, class etc.)


if (interactive()){ library(shiny) library(shiny.semantic) ui <- function() { shinyUI( semanticPage( # Basic icon icon("home"), br(), # Different size icon("small home"), icon("large home"), br(), # Disabled icon icon("disabled home"), br(), # Loading icon icon("spinner loading"), br(), # Icon formatted as link icon("close link"), br(), # Flipped icon("horizontally flipped cloud"), icon("vertically flipped cloud"), br(), # Rotated icon("clockwise rotated cloud"), icon("counterclockwise rotated cloud"), br(), # Circular icon("circular home"), br(), # Bordered icon("bordered home"), br(), # Colored icon("red home"), br(), # inverted segment(class = "inverted", icon("inverted home")) ) ) } server <- shinyServer(function(input, output, session) { }) shinyApp(ui = ui(), server = server) }