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Use React in Shiny applications.

This R package enables using React in Shiny apps and is used e.g. by the shiny.fluent package. It contains R and JS code which is independent from the React library (e.g. Fluent UI) that is being wrapped.


Stable version:


Development version:



To build and install the package, run:

(cd js && yarn && yarn webpack)
Rscript -e 'devtools::document(); devtools::install()'


  • cd js && yarn lint lints the JS code
  • cd js && yarn test runs the unit tests for the JS code
  • Rscript -e "lintr::lint_package()" runs linter for the R code
  • Rscript -e "devtools::test()" runs unit tests for the R code

How to contribute?

If you want to contribute to this project please submit a regular PR, once you’re done with a new feature or bug fix.

Reporting a bug is also helpful - please use GitHub issues and describe your problem as detailed as possible.


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